Strategic drivers of organisational change essay

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Strategic drivers of organisational change essay

Here are the most common pitfalls. Having less than 2 on-hold messages You should never have less than two on-hold messages, preferably three, since listening to the same message every thirty seconds drives callers insane.

It is best to have some variety. Simon Beeching Mistake 3: If several options lead to the same place, dispense with them and your callers will be a little happier when they do talk to you.

With thanks to Simon Beeching at Syntec Mistake 4: Jonathan Gale Traditionally, prior interactions with a company are never taken into account when a customer calls a service line. By reviewing previous caller experiences and serving a personal message or IVR menu, the customer experience is vastly improved.

Ignoring the need to reassure your customers One reason customers dislike IVR is they lack confidence in dealing with a machine. You need to do all you can to reassure them that their query or transaction is being processed.

That means intelligent routing and even transaction processing. Using different voices and volumes throughout the IVR experience Do not use different voices and volumes for your prompts. Changes in pitch, timbre and volume are jarring to the caller.

Strategic drivers of organisational change essay

Using industry jargon Do not use industry jargon. You cannot serve all callers with IVR so you must let them get to a person or at least request a call-back. Exceeding 5 options in a push menu Do not exceed 5 options in a push button menu. The human memory runs out of capacity at this point.

Consider using speech recognition if you have a lot of options. This is a public interface to your organisation. Asking a customer to start again The top rules for me are: Always keep customer information when you drop to an advisor never ask them to start again.

Give the option to interrupt an instruction, speed through options or speak to an advisor whenever a customer desires. No more than 2 levels of options.Type or paste a DOI name into the text box.

Click Go. Your browser will take you to a Web page (URL) associated with that DOI name. Send questions or comments to doi. ‘Key Drivers’ for Organizational Change If an organization needs change, a good manager is supposed to feel it.

If one does not feel the state of the company however, this does not mean that one is not a good and skilled manager. - Organizational Change Management Significant organizational change occurs when an organization changes its overall strategy for success, adds or removes a major section or practice, and/or wants to change the very nature by which it operates.

Mistake #3: Providing unnecessary menu options. Don’t have unnecessary menus or menu options.

43 Things You Should NOT Do With Your IVR Messages

If several options lead to the same place, dispense with them and your callers will be a little happier when they do talk to you. Introduction The constant change in modern economy is a subject that has been discussed since the beginning of this module.

It can’t be avoided and it became part of all types of business present in the current market. Course search results for Business at TAFE NSW. Diploma of Business Course code: BSB The Diploma of Business is a hands-on qualification that will help .

Strategic drivers of organisational change essay
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