Relationship between humans and colour in architectural spaces

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Relationship between humans and colour in architectural spaces

Breathing Colour is an installation-based show that takes a deeper look at the way colour behaves, exploring shapes, materials, shadows and reflections. How does the light during the day influence the colours and materials? What is the relationship between form and colour?

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When does a colour lift up a shape and give it a new dimension? What is the role of shadow? All elemental aspects of design. The ultimate aim is to pit the power of colour against the power of form.

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In my work I think about how coloured objects affect other objects and how all the objects behave in a certain setting. How important is size or volume for a colour and how do coloured objects influence one another?

The different materials have an impact on each other and certain colours can accentuate horizontal shapes, while others are better for vertical forms. And then the lighting conditions or colour temperature also changes a space.

Relationship between humans and colour in architectural spaces

There are many facets that require research beyond these questions, because the relationship between colour and shape is a puzzle with many solutions. What makes a colour beautiful? Colour touches on so many different aspects of design: Experiencing colour is completely dependent on its physical, visual, artistic and cultural context.

Beautiful colours for me are made with high-end pigments, which result in colours that breathe with light — taking on new hues under different lighting conditions. What do you miss in industrial colours?

I miss the dash of red in most industrial recipes for green that gives the colour its intensity, I miss a true black in plastic granulates. I miss colours that breathe with the changing light.

I miss the changeability, the options, that will allow us to read and re-read an industrially produced colour, like we do with works of art. The most important aspect in the quality of a colour is its pigments — this is the recipe that lies behind the colour.

With this exhibition, I hope to build an archive and create a tool for interpreting colour. I want to show a broader perspective than the industrial palet and demonstrate how powerful colour can be in transforming shapes and objects.

Breathing Colour is a manifesto for colours. There are many colour systems with thousands of hues. We can choose from a large amount of varying hues. As a tool, this can be helpful for designers and interior architects. But how can we ever intimately relate to colour and its subjective effect in this scenario?

The largest part of the effect of a colour is made up of its quality. The perfectly sorted colour systems with their immaculacy seem to neglect this aspect.

I will share one example: This can happen especially when viewed in different lighting conditions. I think everyone once bought a piece of furniture or clothing in a certain colour, and experienced a shock, when unpacking it at home. A colour might look great under the fluorescent lighting in a shop but it might look very different in plain daylight.

Some colours look dull in the morning but come to life at dusk. How important are shadows? The shadow is the ultimate fluid area of an object. We talk about light shadow, dark shadow, hard shadow, as substances, but also atmospheres.

Where does a shadow stop and the original colour begin? A shadow in music is an echo, an after sound. Without shadow, an object will fly, so without light the object has no colour. We can feel a shadow as coldness on a hot daywe can see it, but it does not have any substance.What makes good design?

Or rather, what makes design “good”? Aside from creating playful, innovative design that feasts on the senses, celebrates nature and thrives on bold colors, Icelandic design is taking steps in bringing positive change to society.

LINE, SPACE, SHAPE, AND FORM I. LINE A. Definition An extension of a point, elongated mark, connection between two points, the effect of the 5. passive lines created between the division of one color from another or mass from space the relationship of the human form in that space.

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The main purpose of the RGB color model is for the sensing, representation and display of images in electronic systems, such as. Space, based on its English lexical concepts, can be classified into three types of geographical space, living space and (interior or central) architectural space.

Bruno Zevi [6] considered space as the basis of architecture which architecture obtains its characteristics based on it. Colour tips and information.

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