Hollywood and bollywood similarities and differences media essay

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Hollywood and bollywood similarities and differences media essay

Edit Today, camp falls into two distinct categories: Intentional camp, as the name suggests, constitutes the deliberate use of camp for humour.

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Unintentional camp can thus be considered "true" or "pure" camp. A hipster may appreciate something for its camp value, while a person with unrefined tastes may perceive the same thing to be inherently sophisticated.

Much like the closely related notion of kitschcamp has traditionally been viewed as hard to define. The terms "camp" and "kitsch" are often used interchangeably, but the term "kitsch" refers spefically to art, music or literature, while "camp" is a much broader term.

All things kitsch are also camp, but not all things camp are kitsch. It is easier to grasp the concept of camp through the use of examples than through a definition. Thus, one who is unfamilar with the concept of camp may wish to skip to the numerous examples of camp cited later in this article, before reading about the history of camp and the academic theories concerning camp found towards the beginning of this article.

Camp appears to be most prevalent in societies where disposable income has grown at a much faster pace than the general level of cultural sophistication, awareness and education. The popular culture of the USA during the late s and early '60s Author Thomas Hine identified it as the period is considered by many to be probably the most camp time period in human history.

During this era, the overall average standard of living and the amount of disposable income of the American people rose rapidly and significantly as the post-World War II economy which was rapidly taking up a great deal of slack from the Depression and World War II boomed.

Aside from WWII veterans, few people had been exposed to other cultures or traveled overseas. In sum, many people suddenly had much more money to spend, but often exercised poor taste due to their lack of sophistication, education or experience.

As the Japanese economy began to boom in the s and s, Japan became a major producer of camp see Tokusatsu for examples. As in the United States of the s, Japanese disposable income had outpaced the general level of sophistication within Japanese society.

India is in many respects, still a Third World country, but its economy is growing rapidly and many Indians can now afford to buy a television and go to the cinema. One of the first people to give the concept of camp an academic treatment was the American intellectual Susan Sontag.

Most of the popular culture references in Sontag's essay are fairly obscure and would be lost on most of today's readers.

The first use of the word in print, marginally mentioned in the Sontag essay, may be Christopher Isherwood 's novel The World in the Evening, where he comments: You're not making fun of it; you're making fun out of it. You're expressing what's basically serious to you in terms of fun and artifice and elegance.

Altman ibid argues that it originated from the acceptance of gayness as effeminacy.

Bollywood made a revenue of $ Billion in (estimated to rise to $ Billion in ) which is only half the revenue of what ne Hollywood studio, Walt Disney made in - and that is saying a lot. A compare and contrast essay therefore looks at the similarities of two or more objects, and the differences. This essay type is common at university, where lecturers frequently test your understanding by asking you to compare and contrast two theories, two . The differences in the American and Indian Yahoo sites really demonstrate the differences in the two cultures. While the American site is very flashy, very distracting really, the Indian site is more subdued with only the most pertinent information for Indian film-goers on the home page and a toolbar to navigate to specific information.

Two key components of camp were originally feminine performances: With swish featuring extensive use of superlatives, and drag being often outrageous female impersonation, camp became extended to all things "over the top", including female female impersonators, as in the exaggerated Hollywood version of Carmen Miranda Levine, It was this version of the concept that was adopted by literary and art critics and became a part of the conceptual array of 'sixties culture.

Moe Meyerp. Also camp were feminine interests such as fashion Henry, ; West,decoration Fischer,69; White, ; Henry,"with fancy frills, froufrou, bric-a-brac and au courant kitsch," opera and theater Karlen ; Hooker ; Altman, bitchy humor Read, old movies Dyerand celebrity worship Tipmore Clones adapted dish, often keeping the feminine pronouns, expanding it to dirt, gossip and rumors, bitchiness and viciousness.

As such, its claims to legitimacy are dependent on its opposition to current views of normality; camp has no aspiration to timelessness, but rather lives parasitically on the strength of dominant culture.

It does not want to present basic values, but precisely to confront culture with its waste, to show how any norm is historical.

This rebellious utilisation of critical concepts originally formulated by modernist art theorists such as sociologist Theodor Adornowho were radically opposed to the kind of popular culture that camp endorses, can be understood as a deeply reflexive problematisation of the problematisation of taste itself that modernism represented.

As a cultural challenge, camp can also receive a political meaning, when minorities appropriate and ridicule the images of the dominant group, the kind of activism associated with multiculturalism and the New Left.

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The best known instance of this is of course the gay liberation movement, which used camp to confront society with its own preconceptions and their historicity. Female camp actresses such as Bette DavisBarbara Stanwyckand Joan Crawford also had an important influence on the development of feminist consciousness: The multiculturalist stance in cultural studies therefore presents camp as political and critical.

Academic appropriation or proliferation of camp Edit While the success of postmodernism granted camp a place in mainstream art and literature analysis, as well as a certain weight in contemporary social theory, it also meant that its extended sphere of cultural influence was likely to affect the use of the concept.

As a part of its adoption by the mainstream, camp has undergone a softening of its original subversive tone, and is often little more than the condescending recognition that popular culture can also be enjoyed by a sophisticated sensibility. Comic books and Westernsfor example, have become standard subjects for serious academic analysis.

This is not, however, the kind of seriousness that Sontag advocated for camp, to which deliberate exaggeration and outlandishness was essential. This uncomfortable situation—the normalisation of the outrageous, common to many Vanguardist movements—has led some to believe that the notion has lost its usefulness for critical art discourse.

In the UK, camp is an adjective to describe naughty seaside-postcard sense of humour combined with sharp wit, and is often associated with a stereotypical view of feminine gay men.With the International Indian Film Academy's 15th annual Weekend & Awards, aka, Bollywood heading to Tampa later in April, we decided to look for key similarities and/or differences between Bollywood.

Hollywood and bollywood similarities and differences media essay

Representation of Race and Ethnicity in Hollywood Films. Introduction. This paper discusses the different situations that race and ethnicity is represented in Hollywood films.

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With a study of the similitude and divergence of culture, film genres, and marketing media between Hollywood and Bollywood, it is easier to. What are the similarities and differences between a romantic movies from Hollywood and Bollywood? Update Cancel. What are the similarities and differences between action movies and romantic movies?

What is the major difference between Bollywood and Hollywood movie directors? Does direction make the the difference in movies? Understanding cinema:french new wave,italian neorealism and indian parallel cinema 7, views.

Share; Like french new wave,italian neorealism and indian parallel cinema Resurgence • The term "parallel cinema" has started being applied to off-beat films produced in Bollywood, where art films have begun experiencing a resurgence.

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