A simple life film review

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A simple life film review

Andy Lau plays Roger, a film producer who is one of only two remaining occupants of the apartment where he was brought up.

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The other is the ageing household maid-cum-nanny, Ah Tao Deannie Ipwho has been with the family since she was a teenager. When Ah Tao has a stroke and asks to be put into a care home, Roger unhesitatingly takes on the administrative and financial burden himself.

A simple life film review

To other inhabitants of the care home, Ah Tao introduces him as her "god-son" and Roger realises this is how he now thinks of himself — or perhaps simply as her son. There is no overtly redemptive purpose to Roger's character development, and in some ways he remains a reserved, even unsympathetic character.

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He seems initially to have discovered that this care home is a bit of a ripoff, until he discovers that it's owned by an old mate prepared to give him a discount: Later, Roger uses thugs to evict a sitting tenant from a family property.

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If your review contains spoilers, please check the Spoiler box. Please do not use ALL CAPS. A Simple Life is a tender ode to the elderly, their caregivers and the mutual generosity of 78%(11).

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A Simple Life This well-observed, pleasantly meandering dramedy requires a measure of patience. Login. Get the magazine and exclusive online content Toronto Film Review: Elle Fanning in 'Teen.

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